That time of year is officially upon us again. It’s berry season and we are picking everything in full force right now. 

Most days we have fresh cherries at the farm. If you’re in the area and you see our white signs with big red cherries then you know we have a freshly picked batch at the farm. Some days we do sell out so if you are making a trip out to see us please don’t hesitate to phone first and we can put some aside for you. 

We ask that you phone first (250-652-5227) if you are looking for currants or josta berries. We have to be very careful in this heat because the currants, especially the black, will literally bake on the bush. That means that we have to water in the afternoons to keep the berries fresh, but we cannot pick when the berries are wet. 

If you cannot make it out to the farm during the week, we are at the Peninsula Country Market every Saturday at the Saanich Fairgrounds from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Along with all of our berries, we have fresh baking in partnership with the Roost. This week we will have black currant scones and fruit pies. 

The berries won’t last too long in this heat so please don’t wait, come and see us any time! 

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