By Farm Updates

Crop Update

We have finished picking cherries, but fear not, our currants, gooseberries and josta berries are ready.

Fresh berries available right now include:

  • Black Currants
  • Red Currants
  • White Currants
  • Green Gooseberries
  • Red Gooseberries
  • Josta Berries (a cross between a black currant and a gooseberry)

We will have a supply of frozen berries throughout the rest of the year but if you would like fresh berries, please call the farm right away to place an order – 250-652-5227.

You can also find us Saturdays at the Peninsula Country Market, taking place at the Saanich Fairgrounds in Central Saanich from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Crop Update

The cherries are ripe and the currants are right behind them!


We have a very limited supply of sour cherries left, if you would like some, please call the farm right away to place an order (250-652-5227).

We have sweet cherries available almost daily while supplies last – if you’re in the area look for our white and red cherry signs.


We will also begin picking currants this weekend (if all goes according to plan) and will have some fresh berries Saturday at the Peninsula Country Market.