We are picking the last of the currants and the josta berries right now. We did not have much of a josta berry crop this year due to some extensive pruning to our older bushes, but they will look fantastic next year. If you don’t know what a josta berry is, it’s a cross between a black currant and a gooseberry. It has the colour of a black currant but the shape of a gooseberry and the taste is all its own. Our currants however, are still looking fantastic. So if you want them fresh don’t delay, you might miss them.

We are almost finished picking cherries but we will have lots of cherries for the market tomorrow at the Saanich Fairgrounds (9 to 1). 

If you missed the fresh fruit you wanted don’t worry, we have frozen berries available all year long, as well as a number of jams, jellies, and our vitamin-packed pure black currant concentrate. 

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