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Crop Update

We’ve been busy in the fields this spring. All of the berry bushes have been pruned and given a healthy dose of compost. Andrew has just started picking strawberries, the cherries will follow and should be ready by the end of June, and the currants will be right behind, usually by the second week in July.

Here are a few pictures from around the farm…

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Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung and we’re getting excited around the farm.

There is lots in the works for this growing season but in the meantime, we still have our delicious Black Currant Concentrate available to hold you over until our fresh berries are ready.

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Crop Update

We had a fantastic season and thank you to everyone that came out to the farm during the summer months.

If you didn’t make it out or catch us at one of the markets, don’t worry, we have lots of frozen berries available all winter. We’ll also be at the Peninsula Country Market up to and including Thanksgiving weekend.

And don’t worry, we have a supply of our Black Currant Concentrate as well as assorted jams and jellies to get you through cold season!

Please call ahead just to make sure we’re not too far from the fields – 250-652-5227.

Crop Update

All of our berries are starting to show some colour and are getting nice and juicy. It won’t be long now! Watch us on Instagram for more updates straight from the field!


Spring has sprung

It’s spring time and we’re busy on the farm preparing for the next berry season. In the past months we’ve pruned thousands of currant and gooseberry bushes. Now, we’re just finishing cleaning up all of those clippings as the leaves and blossoms begin to pop.